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Everything starts with a drawing.

Drawing is a form of self expression of deepest mirror of my inner-self. It leads  to the unknown world to discover what lies beneath in the deepest soul.

Materials are often used from traditional black ink, which I have worked for many years. Grinding the ink-stick,  coloring and processing layer by layer,  and slowly creating brush stroke is more a meditative experience.

Line holds artists breath, rythmn and energy. While brining life to the lines into paintings and coloring layer by layer, it is such meditative and rather spiritual experience. 

Paintings are transformed into animation as the act of the word animation is compostion of anima (life, soul) + mation (bring to)' to bring life.

Then my work are designed and created not only to have life inside the screen but to expand into space, light,  installation and become as an immersive experience. 

Working in the boundaries of art, animation and performance,

I explore new cutting edge technologies such as motion capture, real time data, and telepresence etc. It is now giving another level as a whole. 



Dream Cycle is a digital animation combining drawing, ink painting, dance and media art. It is an exploration of my deepest desires seeking for the wonderland. Lost beneath layers of worldly masks, I find true self and plunges deep into the fathoms of mind, the consciousness of soul. Brush strokes creates surreal, mythical world with imaginations rooted from the eastern motifs and mythology. 

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