• 2009 California Institutie of the Arts, Experimental Animation, MFA 

  • 2005 Hongik University, Oriental Painting & Industrial Design, BFA



  • 2015- Current Assistant professor at Seoul Institute of the Arts 

  • 2016- Current Director of CultureHub KR 

  • 2012-2015 Cheil World Wide, Art director  

  • 2011 d’strict 4D Live park, holographic media performance 

  • 2010-2015 MODE studios



2020 Telematic Performance "Vital Signs", Creative Director, Seoularts/ CultreHub KR 

2020 Telematic Performance "Changing Tides" Visual Performance, Namsan Arts center, KR 

2019 "Don Giovanni", Video Desing, Sejong Arts Center, KR

2018 “Panorama”, Video Design, La Mama NY 
2017 “Digital Wonderland,” Artistic Director, Namsan Convergence Center, KR / CA 
2017 “Goodbye Yisang" Video design, CKL Stage, KR 
2017 “Cosi Fan Tutte”, Opera Video design, Sejong M Theater, KR
2016 “Curlew River, Opera Video design, Sejong M Theater, KR
2016 “Batik, Accumulation of Time” Interactive Media Installation,SIA ,KR  
2016 “KNO Gala”, Video Design SeoulArts Opera House , KR
2016 “Han River Flows”, Telematic Live Drawing &Video Design, SIA , KR 
2015 “Changing Tide” Multi location Telematic Jazz Holographic Performance, KR/CA  
2015 “Magic Flute”, Opera Video Design Seoul Arts Opera House, , KR
2015 “Light, Space”,Media Art exhibition, Seoul citizen hall, KR
2015 “Han River Flows”, Video design, Namsan Drama Center, KR 
2011 “4D Live Park”, Hologram Video Director , Ilsan Kintex, KR 
2011 Prague PQ, Shadow My Shadow Exhibition ,Czech
2010“Jai Ho” AR. Rahman World Tour, Associate Video Design, NY-EU-IN  
2009 “Impression”, Jakarta Arts Festival (Video composite artist) for Jazz improvisation, Indonesia
2009 Shadow My Shadow (Media Performance), Black and white Studio CA
2008 Vibration of My Breath(Media Performance), Black and white Studio CA
2008 “Creative Music Festival” Wadada Leo Smith Jazz improvisation concert, Live video, CA 
2008 “36 Ghost”, “Concrete Daisies”, “Chamber” Collabration with musician, Live video,CA

2008 “36 Ghost”, “Concrete Daisies”, “Chamber” 라이브 비디오,CA