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Bo Sul Kim is a media/ digital artist  experimenting at the intersection of art and technology. Based in Seoul, her work is inspired by the idea of organic connectivity between humans and natural objects, rooting from eastern philosophies and imaginations. Her artistic vision encompasses experimenting with emerging technologies such as network-based telepresence, hologram, and projection mapping to cross the boundary between reality and virtuality, media and performance. 


She recently directed and designed “Vital Signs”, a telematic performance about the interconnectedness between humankind and nature, engaging artists and audiences across borders using bio-data and music. She also presented “Changing Tides”, a multimedia performance investigating the Five Elements in eastern philosophy and exploring the vitality of material entities through microscopic imagery.


Her professional experience include designing operas, experimental theatres  working with Seoul Performing Arts Company, Sejong, Seoul Arts center: venues located within prominent national arts institutions. She worked with numerous international artists from Italy, Mexico, Indonesia, India, etc. and has presented works at international venues such as La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club, Under the Radar festival, and Prague Quadrennial. She has also directed and designed personal projects including digital animation and drawings. 


Prior to joining the Seoul Institute of the Arts, she worked at District, producing 4D Live Park, a holographic performance, and was an art director with Cheil Worldwide Digital Content group, developing large-scale creative content.


A visionary artist, Bo Sul utilizes a multidisciplinary approach in creating various contact points in between art and technology. She currently serves as the Director of CultureHub Korea and a professor of Digital Arts at the Seoul Institute of the Arts, cultivating international collaborations around immersive media projects and educational experiences. 

김보슬은 동양적 관점에서 인간과 자연 만물의 유기적 연결성을 주제로 생명의 미시적 심상과 모티프로 현실과 가상의 경계, 미디어와 퍼포먼스의 경계를 넘나드는 아티스트입니다.

디지털아트, 텔레프레젠스, 프로젝션 맵핑, AR/MR/XR 등 동시대의 기술을 활용하여 미래의 예술을 탐험하며  인간의 지각과 감각이 증폭되도록 예술창작 활동을 이어가고 있습니다


 최근 생체데이터를 활용해 원격 예술가들이 음악적 교감을 시도하는 텔레마틱 퍼포먼스를 연출, 디자인하였고 동양의 오행 속성을 탐구하고 물질의 생명력에 중점을 두며 현미경으로 바라보는 생명체의 심상을 결합하는 비주얼 퍼포먼스 선보였다. 예술의 전당, 서울예술단, 서울시 오페라단 제작의 공연 영상 디자인으로 활동하며 무대 위 몰입형 어머시브 미디어 디자인을 발표하였으며 뉴욕 La MaMa E.T.C Under the Radar Festival, 프라하 PQ, LA 컨벤션 센터에서 작품이 발표된 바 있다. 

​뉴미디어 기업 디스트릭트, 제일기획 등 산업체의 경력을 거쳐 현재 서울예술대학교 디지털아트 전공 교수이자 예술과 기술 결합을 시도하는 글로벌 네트워크 플랫폼인 컬처허브의 한국 디렉터를 맡고 있다.


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